Sponsor Tracking Update - Notifications are temporarily suspended (11/11)

  • 11 November 2015
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We have temporarily suspended Sponsor Tracking notifications while we address an issue that was causing false positives to be triggered in Sponsor Tracking.  These issues are due to a recent change in how LinkedIn profiles are formatted.  Gainsight Users will not receive any notifications of tracked sponsors during this time.  We will notify you once this is re-enabled - expected to be around 11/13.

4 replies

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Update on Sponsor Tracking:  We are continuing to work through issue resolution with Sponsor Tracking - this is not be reactivated on 11/13.  Updates will continue to be posted here on the issue.
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I have seen a number of Sponsor Tracking changes this week in my instance. I am wondering if I should advise my teams to disregard, or if Sponsor Tracking is back ON now.
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Hi, has Sponsor Tracking been turned back on yet? Thanks for any status you can share.
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Sponsor Tracking is now re-enabled and you should receive notifications again.  No historical notifications will be triggered.  Thank you for your patience as we resolved this issue.