Sponsor Tracking Update

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We have been experiencing issues in tracking LinkedIn profiles in Sponsor Tracking in some cases, leading to the track requests for those profiles being in the “Pending” state for longer than expected time periods.  


Following are the known limitations in tracking LinkedIn profiles:

  • If special characters exist in the LinkedIn profile URLs,  we will not be able to track them.

  • URL Should not have the prefix, either "https://linkedin"; or https://in.linkedin: use the public URL found on the contacts profile (not a google search redirect link).

  • The contact's LinkedIn URL can not be tracked if the LinkedIn profile is private or a premium member. 


Issues currently being faced:

We are currently seeing frequent delays in tracking LinkedIn profiles when they have not been previously tracked in Gainsight, even if they do not fall under any of the known limitations listed above. Profiles stay in the “Pending” state for longer than expected time periods.


We are actively working on enhancing Sponsor Tracking to considerably reduce the time taken to find matches as well as address some of the known limitations like tracking profiles with special characters. I’ll provide updates on this as we are closer to shipping enhancements. 








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Our onboarding team has been experiencing issues when setting up Sponsor Tracking for new clients and will be pleased to hear this update. Thank you!

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Our customer demographic generally does not use LinkedIn very often. We are wondering if there may be a way to source the sponsor tracking by Twitter or even Instagram rather than LinkedIn. It would be much more valuable for a larger majority of our customer base!