S3 Product Bug - Creating or Modifying S3 Jobs

  • 7 February 2018
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We have recently discovered a product bug relating to data being loaded via the S3 Connector.  We are treating this bug with URGENT priority, and Engineering will be providing a fix for this within the next 24 hours.

You may encounter an error when you either:
1) modify a current S3 job
2) create a new S3 job

The job will not save due to this error.

While there is no workaround for creating or modifying S3 jobs,  but all scheduled jobs will run without issue.

We do apologize for the impact this has had and any downstream effects this may have caused.  We will continue to post updates to this thread once the fix is pushed.  Please reach out to if you have any further questions on this bug.

1 reply

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Our team was able to push an MDA hotfix last night to all customers, and this issue is now resolved.