Rules that hit the maximum record limit will start failing from March 23rd

  • 16 March 2017
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With the patch release on March 23rd, custom rules that hit the maximum record limit will fail. The limit is capped at 200k records per rule run. Currently, the rule succeeds even if there are more records in the source, but it just picks up the first 200k records. 

The Gainsight support team will reach out to you within the next couple of days if you have any rules that exceeded the limits in the last 30 days. Gainsight will be increasing the limit to 500k in a staggered manner in the weeks following March 23rd.

In the meantime, recommended steps for the rules admin:
  1. Identify if your rules might fail in the near future - glance through the execution history to see the no. of records processed. If it is closer to 200k, and it continues to grow, then there is a good chance it will eventually hit the limit and fail.
  2. Create a bionic rule and retire the custom rule. Read more about bionic rules here.
  3. If your rule was hitting the limit, then immediately after the increase in limits you can expect a change of behavior, eg. more than usual # CTA's are created. 
The same limits are applicable to Copilot powerlist too. The outreaches that has powerlist refresh which hits the limit will start failing...

We regret the inconvenience caused due to the limits and assure you we are working towards higher limits and robust notification when the limits are hit.

4 replies

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Update : We have updated the custom rules limit to 300k records per rule / powerlist run. 
We will be increasing this limit to 500k after observation for couple of weeks.
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Hi Sundar,

I have a rule where I am not sure if I can add any additional filters to further narrow down on the results. And we have hit the 300k limit today.

What would be your suggestion to go forward with this?

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Could you please start using bionic rule. Please let me know if you need any help in configuring.
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HI Sai Ram,

Yes, I have started to work on it.
I am working with Support at the moment.

Thank you