Relationships Webinar Registration & Your Input Wanted!

  • 31 August 2016
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On Sept. 15 @ 8:30am Pacific, we're hosting a customer webinar to review the Relationships functionality in Gainsight. The August release included a lot of new functionality to better support your Relationships implementation. In this webinar, we'll review when/if your org should use Relationships, how to configure Relationship Types and the Relationship360, as well as how Relationship Types work with CoPilot, Surveys, Playbooks, Success Plans, and more. Click here to register! (If you can't attend, register anyway, and we'll send you the recording afterwards.)

Also, we want to hear your specific questions, or topics that you hope we'll cover in the session. Please add them to the comments here, or email There's a good chance that we'll offer multiple sessions in order to cover specific areas in depth. 

Please Note: If you are interested in deploying Relationships for your company, you will need to work with Gainsight's Professional Services team to ensure a smooth and accurate implementation. Please reference your contract to determine if this Services Package has been included, or contact your Gainsight Sales Representative or CSM for more detail.

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