Production Environment - Planned Maintenance : Sunday, 21st August 2016

  • 18 August 2016
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Window :
 Between 12:00 AM 
&  04:00 AM  CST Sunday,  21st August 2016.

Queues Hold Time :  1 Hour


  Gainsight has planned a
scheduled maintenance on Backend infra. During this maintenance Rules and Data
Processor will be in hold state for about 1 Hour. Soon after the
deployment,  all queues will resume as normal.


Details : PRODUCTION Environment

Application  - SFDC  :  NO IMPACT

Data Ingestion
Queue - MDA :  NO IMPACT

Rules Engine
Queue  - MDA :  Delay of about 1 Hour expected.

Data Processor
Queue - MDA :  Delay of about 1 Hour expected.




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8 replies

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Mahesh thank you for the advance notice.  

Can you elaborate on the nature of the maintenance? Is this a hardware maintenance on the backend, or are there actual code changes being pushed?  We were impacted by a push last week that resulted in Email Outreach failures.  We'd like to have a deeper understanding of what actions are occurring during these outage windows.

Many thanks
Hi Jeff,

Sorry to hear about the Email outreach failures, a fix was released for the same in the other Emergency Hotfix (You commented on).

There is no code change as part of upcoming maintenance on  Sunday.  At Gainsight we have been working on improving the capacity, stability and reliability of our backend infrastructure.  This maintenance is one of them, where we are working on our ability to expose our Public IP's to our end customer for Security and compliance related activities.

Hope this helps.  Have a great day ahead.
Maintenance activity completed successfully.  All Queues are processing as normal.
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Mahesh, Rules in GonG are still stuck in queue. Are any other customers experiencing this issue?
Hi Will,

We are investigating this, will update with our findings.
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Our rules seem to be running ok.
Hi Will,

There were good number of rules for GonG in queue.  I can confirm all of them have processed and cleared.

Have a Great day ahead.
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Thanks Mahesh!

Is there any way for me as an admin to kickstart the queue when things seem stuck? Most of the scheduled rules from Sunday AM did not run until Monday AM. This led to a considerable amount of unexpected Sunday work for me, which isn't desirable.