Production Environment - Planned Maintenance : Saturday, 30th July 2016

  • 28 July 2016
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Maintenance Window :Between 12:00 AM Saturday, July 30th   &  06:00 AM Saturday, July 30th CST
Queues Hold Time :  4 Hours

Activity :  Gainsight has planned a scheduled maintenance on Backend infra. During this maintenance Rules and Data Processor will be in hold state for about 4 Hours. Soon after the maintenance, all queues will resume as normal.

Impact Details : PRODUCTION Environment
Gainsight Application  - SFDC  :  NO IMPACT
Data Ingestion Queue - MDA :  NO IMPACT
Rules Engine Queue  - MDA :  Delay of about 4 Hours expected.
Data Processor Queue - MDA :  Delay of about 4 Hours expected.

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1 reply

This maintenance  is completed successfully. All held queues are released and processing fine.