Productboard integration with Gainsight!!

  • 22 December 2021
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We are planning to integrate Productboard with Gainsight to

  • Provide a single source of truth on all the feature requests that a customer has shared in the C360 section
  • Submit feature requests on behalf of the customer directly for Gainsight
  • Enrich a feature request by giving visibility to other CSMs (tag other customers, ability to upvote or share comments)

I would like to hear if this excites you? Do share some use cases on how this integration will be helpful for you.


Note: Please mention if your Product team is using Productboard or any other roadmapping tools like Aha! or ProductPlan.

29 replies

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@adil.malik No. You can request the ProductBoard access token from the relevant person as a one time activity.

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@lpicone Completely agree with you. Integration with Gainsight PX is on our roadmap.

Howdy - we recently enabled the new horizon layouts and Productboard integration. Or experience has been positive so far as this is the first instance of data sync coming out of PB. Our CSM team is just starting to enter new requests from the C360. 

Kudos to the GS Dev and PB teams for making this initial beta happen! 🙌🏼

Our biggest challenge is that we have over 2100 notes and feature items in PB, but we can only view and sync items created within Gainsight. Without the ability to perform a sync for historical requests and roadmap items/status, we expect user adoption will remain low.

Any info you can share around efforts to bridge this gap? We understand the current limitations with the APIs for PB lack many common queries and cause much frustration for our teams. We are open to helping with testing or validation of any solutions or manual workarounds. 

I appreciate any info you can share. Thanks again, happy Holidays!

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@tcolacicco thank you for bringing this up. Our goal is to bring all the historical data and also tag existing requests to a customer. We are working with Productboard on this. We have a sync up call with PB after holidays to explore options and see how soon we can close this gap. I will keep you in the loop and if needed schedule a call to take your inputs and options.