Productboard integration with Gainsight!!

  • 22 December 2021
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We are planning to integrate Productboard with Gainsight to

  • Provide a single source of truth on all the feature requests that a customer has shared in the C360 section
  • Submit feature requests on behalf of the customer directly for Gainsight
  • Enrich a feature request by giving visibility to other CSMs (tag other customers, ability to upvote or share comments)

I would like to hear if this excites you? Do share some use cases on how this integration will be helpful for you.


Note: Please mention if your Product team is using Productboard or any other roadmapping tools like Aha! or ProductPlan.

15 replies

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There is a UserVoice/Gainsight integration that does all of these things already, as well.


Is this for Gainsight feature requests or feature request of our customers for our software?

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@dhooton Feature requests of your customers for your software

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We currently use Aha! at the moment.

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We currently use Aha and it would be great if we could connect the two tools! 

We are interested in this feature and would love more information.

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@schartol in the first phase of Gainsight - Productboard integration we are planning to 

  • Let CSMs raise enhancement requests on behalf of their customers from C360 section
  • A single section to look at all requests and roadmap items of a specific customer along with data points (like PM, team, release alignment) once an enhancement request gets accepted.

Down the line, CSMs will be able to view requests raised by other CSMs and tag their own customers who might be interested in that enhancement request.


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@AgassiTran  @BrittanyReichwald  Aha integration is next on our list. There is no timeline on this yet. 

@rahul_prayakarao We use to have Aha! but switched over to Productboard last year and it works well.

Our efforts have been to allow CSMs and SAMs as much insight in one spot (Gainsight) so it would be amazing to have a section in C360 to view an individual account’s feature requests right from within Gainsight (vs having to hop out to another tab for PB).

Also, the ability to submit an insight/note into Productboard right from C360 or a Timeline Activity note after a meeting or call would be very helpful as well as this is the junction of when we learn of our customers’ feedback and feature requests. I was hoping your Chrome extension would allow this but it does not currently for some reason.

Do you have an estimated roll out time for this feature? 

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@jeynreyn thank you for your interest. We are planning to roll out a beta by end of Q2 (July timeframe). In this release, a CSM will be able to submit notes directly from the C360 page. And also get updates on the features (High level summary, status etc) when a Product Manager accepts their request and tag it to a feature in Productboard.

Thank you @rahul_prayakarao Looking forward to seeing it. :)

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Hello @rahul_prayakarao ,

For us, this would allow the Customer Success team to save clicks as they can submit customer Notes within Gainsight. It would also provide greater visibility into updates as they occur in Productboard.

I think an essential piece is linking the Features back to the Companies that have associated Notes.


Ben W.

rahul_prayakarao, I neglected to ask if this Productboard integration will be available with our SFDC instance? or only with NXT?



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@jeynreyn this is going to be an NXT feature only.

@rahul_prayakarao OK, thanks for confirming. We hope to move to NXT this Summer and take advantage of the new enhancements there. Thanks!