Patch Release 5.5.15 is Live

  • 21 April 2017
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Please see the patch release notes for details about today's patch.

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Outreach queues have been delayed the past two days.  We have all outreaches scheduled for 6AM ET.  Yesterday they went out about 3 hours late and today about 2 hours late.  I am guessing that the cause of these delays are related to these patch releases. Is there a way Gainsight could figure out how to put in these patches without causing delays to queues?
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Hi Jeffrey, I'm not sure if the patches these last few days caused any outreach queue delays. Typically, our product team posts to if there's a scheduled disruption to the queues. However, I'll see if we can get more info. I know they are working to minimize release-related disruptions, including moving our major releases to Saturdays. Thank you for your patience!