Our August 6.5 Release is HOT! And Coming Soon!

  • 2 August 2019
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Find a comfy spot in the shade, pull up a chair, and read about all the sundry ways that Gainsight is going to be even more awesome after our August 6.5 release on August 13!

Here's just a few teasers, but you can read more about the upcoming enhancements in our SFDC edition or NXT draft release notes.

  • Add Comments to Timeline Activities, @mention users in comments, and get notified when you're mentioned in a comment. Comments are available in 360 > Timeline, Cockpit, and Gainsight widgets; and soon they'll be available in mobile too!


  • Hover on objects and fields in the Report Builder to view contextual help. Great for new admins or anyone who's uncertain of which objects or fields to use for reporting!


  • The new Enablement Engine allows you to create in-app engagements to help onboard and train users on your Gainsight and CS processes! Note: This is a new offering available as an add-on to your CS subscription. Contact your account manager for more information!
  • A new Load to People rule action simplifies the process for loading data to the Person Model!   



  • Survey 2.0 now supports question tokenization, so you can personalize questions, such as "How would you rate the support you've received from your CSM Jane Doe?" And, you can customize the survey theme, with your logo, preferred fonts, images, header and footer, and a new buttons option, etc.


There's even more, like exporting the participant list from JO Programs, sending escalation emails with survey links or buttons, editing the default token mapping in email assist, and... you'll just have to check out the release notes for more! 

It's getting so hot around here, I need to go find my sun hat! ;)

5 replies

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  1. Threaded comments on Timeline Yay!
  2. Survey tokenization -- amazing!
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I'm not seeing anything in the documentation around the survey question tokenization - are release notes still being updated? The only Survey item currently is around themes.

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Hi Kelly,

Survey tokenization is missing from the draft release notes, because info was still being gathered when we shared that doc. We don't update that version of the doc for customers, but all will be revealed with the final published release notes on Aug. 13!

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THanks @lila_meyer - I have a few more questions. We are on 6.5 in our QA instance but I'm not seeing any way to tokenize the survey button in email templates as indicated in the release notes, and also not seeing how to tokenize survey questions in the platform. Are some features in the release notes not available until production releases? If so, would it be possible to identify which features in the draft release notes are/are not available until Production Release?

I spent quite a bit of time trying to decipher the Email template survey button tokenization yesterday (that.gif moved super fast), until I realized what I was seeing in our QA (6.5) was not what was shown in the notes. I'm assuming it's because it's not actually available yet and if so, it would have been helpful to know as I wouldn't have spent time trying to test it.

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Thanks for sharing the feedback, Kelly! We'll do our best to indicate in the draft release notes if something is only going to be released with the production upgrade, which does happen with a few items typically.