New 1:Many Admin Office Hours - Monday, Nov 23 - 1 PM PT / 3 PM CT

  • 18 November 2015
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We are offering our next 1:Many session on Monday, November 23rd..

1:Many Admin Office Hours - Monday, November 23th - 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT

The name has changed slightly for these sessions, but the focus is the same.

We encourage sending your questions in advance; we'll review and prepare for a great discussion!

You may also post questions in response to this thread or email me direction at

4 replies

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Update:  Due to technical issues with GoToWebinar, this has been rescheduled to:

Monday, November 23rd - 1:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM CT
Dissenting vote:  1:Many office hours, from my perspective isn't as good ad the prior system.  Personally I'd prefer the personalized service I was getting to the new open call approach.
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Hi Arnold, Thank you for the feedback. I just emailed you some information on how you can upgrade to one of our premium offerings as well as information on how you can take advantage of "Success Blocks" which would provide an alternate way to get 1:1 sessions (without an upgrade).  One other quick note -- I have heard that the one of best parts of the group sessions are that you get to see & hear how other customers are using the Rules Engine to solve their specific problems and those real life use cases are interesting and valuable.  If you do decide to give the group session a try, I'd encourage you to submit your question in advance. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks again!
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For anyone tracking this thread I also wanted to add a bit more background on our approach to these sessions.

For these sessions our goal is solicit questions in advance and work through the questions one-by-one.  Prior to the webinar, we review all the questions and work through details to provide guidance.  Usually this involves setting up a demo org and working through some details before we get on the call.

This is still very much like the Rules Engine Office Hours have always been run, with the added bonus that anyone can listen in and pick up tips.  Even more, we usually have not only Support but also a representative from our Services team (an Implementation Specialist or System Architect).  We've had some really good questions and what's even better is the follow-on questions that get into details.

We have also expanded scope a bit more so it is not just limited to our Rules Engine.