Need inputs -- Supporting multi-valued attributes in Connectors

  • 21 July 2021
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I am Ritesh Sharma, a new product manager in the connectors team. One of the features that we are working on is enabling support of multi-valued attributes (or array type) in connectors. If someone is interested in sharing the use cases with me, please feel free to comment with insights. We can even set up a discussion to understand those use cases.

Things that we are looking for are:
1. Connector Name
2. What type of multi-valued attribute is to be integrated? Is it an array of strings or array of objects?
3. If it is an array of objects, a sample json would be of great help
4. How is this data used in Gainsight (e.g. available in dashboard or used for reporting etc.)

6 replies

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Hi Ritesh,

Please refer support ticket ( for more details

Contrast Security wants to push JIRA incidents data into GS. But they can’t because one of the fields they’re bring is Multi-Arrayed. Name of the field is ‘Customers’, I think it is Muli-arrayed string data type. It has mutiple Account names. It is the only field they can use to tie JIRA data with Company object in GS.

This is the XML that Matt (GS Admin) shared in the ticket regarding the Customers field:


<rss version="0.92">




<description>This file is an XML representation of an issue</description>








<title>[CUST-1827] Allow groups to manage their own integrations</title>


<project id="10900" key="CUST">Customer Requests</project>

<description><p>The customer would like groups to have access to and manage their own integrations. </p> <p><b>Problem</b>: Only the org admin (Dan) can manage integrations. Users need to request an integration and Dan is the only one who can modify it. Also, if a team onboards a new app, they need to remind Dan to add the app to the integration. </p> <p><b>Solution</b>: Make integrations work at the group level, instead of an app level. This will help because-<br/> 1. Users in a group have access to all integrations in their group, including the ability to create, modify and delete integrations.<br/> 2. If the app team onboards a new app to their group, the app is automatically added to the integration also</p></description>


<key id="61882">CUST-1827</key>

<summary>Allow groups to manage their own integrations</summary>

<type id="3" iconUrl="">Task</type>

<priority id="4" iconUrl="">Standard</priority>

<status id="10003" iconUrl="" description="">Blocked</status>

<statusCategory id="2" key="new" colorName="blue-gray"/>

<resolution id="-1">Unresolved</resolution>

<assignee accountid="6148db8d071141006ab211a1">Michael Clausen</assignee>

<reporter accountid="557058:2dad763e-6186-4a78-b9bb-a459ea02fc32">Former user</reporter>








<created>Tue, 12 Jun 2018 16:19:56 -0500</created>

<updated>Thu, 25 Aug 2022 01:39:31 -0500</updated>






<comment id="82155" author="557058:0f183336-e1e9-4069-bc0a-f1d49520e610" created="Fri, 15 Jun 2018 13:35:36 -0500"><p>IBM is looking for Slack integration this way. </p></comment>

<comment id="98804" author="557058:2dad763e-6186-4a78-b9bb-a459ea02fc32" created="Wed, 29 May 2019 10:54:08 -0500"><p><a href="" class="user-hover" rel="5b7afebac5e21441d092994f" data-account-id="5b7afebac5e21441d092994f" accountid="5b7afebac5e21441d092994f" rel="noreferrer">Josh Anderson</a> This is the request to have admins manage their own integrations</p></comment>

<comment id="98806" author="5b7afebac5e21441d092994f" created="Wed, 29 May 2019 10:55:04 -0500"><p><img class="emoticon" src="/images/icons/emoticons/thumbs_up.png" height="16" width="16" align="absmiddle" alt="" border="0"/> thank you <a href="" class="user-hover" rel="557058:2dad763e-6186-4a78-b9bb-a459ea02fc32" data-account-id="557058:2dad763e-6186-4a78-b9bb-a459ea02fc32" accountid="557058:2dad763e-6186-4a78-b9bb-a459ea02fc32" rel="noreferrer">Former user</a>!</p></comment>

<comment id="117256" author="5c0005236b98a11ccd36357f" created="Tue, 10 Dec 2019 13:40:04 -0600"><p><a href="" class="user-hover" rel="5d0a1e6cabb08f0c4e665ebc" data-account-id="5d0a1e6cabb08f0c4e665ebc" accountid="5d0a1e6cabb08f0c4e665ebc" rel="noreferrer">Former user</a>, there are quite a few new opportunity requests linked to this Epic</p> </comment>



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<![CDATA[ New Hire ]]>




<customfield id="customfield_13627" key="com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:multiselect">



<customfieldvalue key="29026">

<![CDATA[ IBM ]]>


<customfieldvalue key="29045">

<![CDATA[ Liberty Mutual Insurance ]]>


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<![CDATA[ Santander UK ]]>




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Hi RItesh,

This is also the case for our organization. We have multi-select pick-lists in Jira to assign customer names to one ticket for either an issue or a product enhancement feature. We are unable to pull a view of these in Gainsight due to the connector not supporting the multi-select options.


Another use case is on project tickets from Jira where we have multiple select items for services needing to be provided and would like to identify and plan out for each one. 


Hoping we can add this to an upcoming release soon!


Thank you,



@Ritesh Sharma  What is the ETA on completion of supporting multi-faceted fields from Jira?  I have a help desk ticket in regards this issue: (#207753)

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+1. We are interested in the support of array fields from Freshdesk (tags) through the Freshdesk connector.

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Hi @Ritesh Sharma 
I’m checking now how I could import the Components field from JIRA issues, and I see it’s not available among the fields allowed, so I guess it’s a valid case.

I don’t know too much about Jira but let me know if I can help in any way.



Please refer to support ticket 268765.


We also have this same problem with Jira. We have a multi-select pick-list in Jira to assign customer names to our tickets throughout our projects. We are unable to load all of our Jira data into Gainsight tied to a customer due to this not being supported. This is vital to companies that use Jira for their support ticketing system and should be a high priority to get fixed. Hindering the data that is allowed to go inside of Gainsight makes getting the data into the system tricky and time consuming but also makes Gainsight not be sticky with its users.