May Release is Coming Soon!

  • 27 April 2017
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Production Release date is May 23!

Customer webinars:
  • May 24 Wed. 8am - 9:30 PT - focus on Adv. Outreach & Email Template updates -- reg link 
  • May 25 Thurs. 8am - 9:30 PT - focus on Scorecards 2.0, Timeline, and everything else -- reg link 
Enhancement and new feature highlights (this is not a complete list):
  • Configure Multiple Scorecards for Accounts and Relationships (8-min. video on Scorecards 2.0)
  • View your Gainsight data in the new Gainsight 360
  • Schedule a series of related survey emails with Advanced Outreaches (10-min. video)
  • Access Timeline from the CTA detail view, and create to-do tasks directly from the 360 Timeline
  • Configure multiple Relationship 360 layouts
  • Gainsight Bulk API to load data into standard objects
  • Cross-org migration improvements, including more asset types that can be migrated, and ability to re-run migration jobs, and download a changeset file
  • Formula Builder integration with Bionic Rules
*If your org(s) receives automatic upgrades, you can expect to see the 5.6 release enhancements in your orgs on the dates noted above. For questions or changes to your opt-out status, please contact You can also read more about Gainsight's Upgrade Process.

We will email you with detailed release notes in the coming weeks.

4 replies

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Hi Lila! Will you be emailing the Release Summary to Admins soon?  Looking forward to exploring new features!
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Hi Kate,

We post and email the published release notes out on the day of the release (May 23). I'll also have a few short videos specifically on Scorecards 2.0 and Adv. Outreaches ready in a few days. If you can, I recommend registering for the webinars next week too!
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Awesome, I'm already registered! 🙂
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Katie, just fyi, I added links to the quick Scorecards 2.0 and Adv. Outreaches videos above.