📢 List of New Articles from 6.32 April/May Release (NXT and SFDC)

  • 10 May 2022
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The 6.32 NXT Release Notes  is now available for EU and US customers. As part of this release, we have published 22 New articles.

List of New Articles



The 6.32 SFDC Release Notes  is now available for EU and US customers. As part of this release, we have published 16 New articles.

List of New Articles



  1. Simple Program is part of Closed Beta which is available on request. Contact your Gainsight Administrator to get enrolled for this beta program.
  2. Impact Analyzer: The enhancement will be available to all the customers on or before mid-May 2022.
  3.  Learn more about the availability of the functionality. 


The impacted NXT and SFDC documents (existing) are in progress of being updated and changes will reflect soon. We will share the list of updated articles in the next post. ***Follow this post and/or subscribe to this category to automatically receive updates when new content/document/communication is posted.***

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7 replies

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I am very confused by the Email From Anywhere section - didn’t we have the ability to Email From Timeline starting last year?  And Cockpit probably 2 years ago?  Is the only change in this release, the ability to configure a company-wide from and reply-to address?  How do we know which group we are a part of?  

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Adding @PavanCh for EFA and @mpatra for Cockpit to address Angela’s query. Thanks!

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Hi @angela_domenichelli, the Email Assist 2.0 (earlier Email from Anywhere for BETA release) is new enhanced feature of Email Assist. The article What’s New in Email Assist 2.0 will proivde an overview of new enhancements in Email Assist 2.0.
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Hi @angela_domenichelli ,

Email assist 2.0 (formally called Email from Anywhere) is an incremental update of Email assist.  The new Email assist generally improves on existing features and provides a consistent email composing experience.

Here is a quick list of key new enhancements and changes:

  • Support for organisation wide email to manage ‘From’ and ‘Reply to’ address
  • Support for email logs V2
  • Support for Email template Folder hierarchy while selecting a template
  • Ability to edit / delete a token within a template
  • Simpler way to preview , test send emails
  • Option to log these emails to Timeline
  • The number of participants that can be added in the ‘To’ field is increased to 25
  • Email attachment size limit is increased from 2MB to 20MB

Here is an article summarising all the new features, changes introduced with Email Assist 2.0

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Thank you for the update!  Didn’t email assist always log emails to Timeline?  Is this update giving the option for emails to not be logged to Timeline?  What is the use case?

It says in the guide: 

  • You cannot modify this option if admin has selected it in the Cockpit configuration.

How does the Admin configure?  Thank you!

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Hi @PavanCh , could you please help answer @angela_domenichelli ‘s query? Thank you!

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Hi @angela_domenichelli ,

Yes, the option to track Email assist emails in timeline was there earlier.

In this release, we have added a new control under ‘Administration’ - ‘Cockpit’  in the ‘Call to Action’ page - under ‘Company ‘tab.

If admin enables this toggle,  user will see ‘Log email to timeline’ checkbox while sending the email from cockpit. If the toggle is disabled, user will not see ‘Log email to timeline’ checkbox.

Toggle name: Automatically Track Email Assist Emails in Timeline: