July Releases Are Live!

  • 21 July 2020
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July Releases Are Live!
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CS SFDC v6.16 Release 

Watch this 9-min. video to see what’s new in this release, and then read all of the details in the SFDC release notes! Highlights of this release include:

  • Improved License Management features for assigning licenses by type and in bulk
    via CSV, as well as reporting on license assignment.

  • More intuitive and better organized Admin navigation experience.

  • Ability to create customer Segments and use them in JO Programs, with the option to 
    apply in other Gainsight applications in future releases.

  • New CX Center for analyzing text feedback across sources like Timeline and Surveys, 
    to help improve your customer experience and product usability, predict market trends, 
    and identify potential churn

  • More Sightline Vault solutions to standardize your new customer onboarding and 
    renewal processes, as well as dashboards for various personas

NXT v6.16 Release

You can see a preview of what’s new in this 11-min. video, and read all the details in the NXT release notes!

PX July Release

Read all about this release in the release notes! Highlights of this release include:

  • Introducing Horizon Experience in PX Navigation
  • New Guide Templates
  • Segment Option for Funnel Report
  • Context for Survey Performance and Feedback
  • User drill down in KC Bot Analytics

NXT Admin Certification

Become a Gainsight Certified Administrator for NXT! And if you're on SFDC Edition, get ahead of the upgrade curve by getting certified now. Register using promo code 100FOR100 by Sept 4, 2020 and we’ll waive the regular $300 price. That’s right -- it’s free!

The promo is valid for one certification attempt, so be sure to prepare using our Study Guide. Questions? Check out our FAQ or email training@gainsight.com. Good luck!

All the resources you need to prepare for the Gainsight Administrator Certification for NXT: 

  • One-pager: why get certified, exam format, etc.
  • Study Guide: resources to help you prepare for the exam
  • FAQ: common questions about the certification process
  • Slide for presentation to your execs or interested participants

3 replies

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Thank you for making admin navigation more intuitive!! That’s a great update for new admins to be able to find things a lot easier. The new product/features for CX and Segments are fantastic. This will be incredibly helpful as well.

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I second @jean.nairon‘s comment! This navigation is much more intuitive. It’s always nice to see changes to the product that benefit end users as well as admins.

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Thank you for the videos posted - so far the new navigation has been great and we appreciate the changes. 


@alanclos  - Please check out the videos above.