July 4th Upcoming Gainsight Community Product Ideas Update

  • 29 June 2022
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It’s no news that Ideas are the most used service on the Community platform.

But it is news, and the cat’s already been out of the bag, that we’ll now have a way to Submit Ideas specific to Product areas and be able to sort them based on Product Areas. 


So you won't have to scroll through the entire CS Product Ideas ocean to locate the ones on ‘Journey Orchestrator’, for e.g.



On July 4th when most of us will not be using this platform, the current Ideas submission will be turned off

You will be able to submit Ideas till the day earlier, but not on July 4.


The broad steps

On July 4th, European standard time time 10am, Migration to the new home: Believe it or not We have only about 6750 ideas in the system.

It is only fair that they get a house of their own on the main navigation, instead of having to scroll from the Community dropdown, and that’ll take some time.


New home for Ideas on the main menu



The overall Migration > Mapping to the newly provisioned Product Areas > QA testing and Ideas being available again for usage timeframe is about one business day - that is the Downtime. So you should have the new Ideas experience ready for usage when you log back in the next day.


Not expecting you to on a holiday, but Subscribe to this post to follow along updates for this migration.

Please note that None of your Ideas, Votes, Comments or Points will be lost in the process.


Please let me know in the comments below any Questions you may have regarding this.

6 replies

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I’m looking forward to this improvement! 

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I’m looking forward to this improvement! 

Just like my BMC days @mmarques, I would recall your username is the same :)  

July 4th is not a holiday for all of us 😅

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July 4th is not a holiday for all of us 😅

I am with you @duncan.young, from India, although Gainsight has given us privileged long weekend for India employees for the 4th. You have to write down any ideas you have during the freeze on a piece of paper I’m afraid  🤠

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The new Ideas page is now Live. You can use it to submit Ideas to Product Areas.

We are working to make some more changes to make the UI even more actionable.


🥁 Big shoutout to the inSided Engg and Support teams!

Just so you know… we Migrated about 8K ideas from the older ‘Submit a Product Idea’ categories to the new /Ideas module.


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Thank you all for following along. We changed a few things for the better. Pl read about it here and let’s start using the new /Ideas service