• 22 February 2017
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We have identified an issue within our 5.5 release in which our "Auto Sync To Salesforce". Please reach out to support@gainsight.com with any additional questions you have about this issue. 

Expected behaviour : When "Auto Sync Tasks to SFDC" is enabled (from Admin > Calls to Action) creating a CTA with a playbook should create tasks in CSTask object and also create a task in the Salesforce Task object as well. 

Issue : Due to an issue in V5.5, when we create CTA with playbook, CTA, CS tasks are created but Tasks in SFDC are not created

Business Impact: Currently rules that are configured this way are not syncing the tasks back to Salesforce.com as they should. The CTA's are being created, the "Gainsight" tasks are being created, the SFDC tasks are not.

  • Disable sync option from Administration -> Auto Sync Tasks to SFDC:
  • Enable Sync from Cockpit -> Playbook tab
  • Select Playbooks that will be used and click on Sync "On"


2 replies

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A few questions:
What about CTAs and associated tasks that were already
created - will they sync?What happens when the bug is fixed – do I need to undo these

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what if you didn't have Auto Sync Tasks to SFDC flagged but are flagged to sync from the playbook itself? will that work?