I am new to Gainsight and need help. Where should I start?

TBH I write the copy so not very technical at all. My old boss set it all up, so now I just need to figure out where to get starter  

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Hi Hannah, 

Please visit below links.

If you go to this has a full list of our Self-Paced courses.  
Complete the admin 100 series, this is divided into 5 classes, all self-paced and 1-hour each 
In between classes, leverage the admin office hours, Open Office Hours Tuesday through Thursday each week from 9-10a PT.  Join the call here!
Start attending the virtual instructor-led training on more advanced topics,
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HI Hannah!  Similar boat here when I first came on.  There was another ADMIN who setup the foundation of our Gainsight.  What ended up helping me the most, was sitting with the users and seeing how they used the software - from there I can look at the back end to see how it all worked.  There is so much the software can do, and can become wicked overwhelming if you try and take it all on at once!  Taking it section by section helped me a lot.  Granted, the I'm still getting familiar with the Rules Engine and how that all works.

The community here is also really helpful!  They've helped me solved a few problems that I was running into a brick wall on!  A+ Community!  The URLs that Sai provided are great.  I went through the training videos and they helped fill in parts that I was missing.  The "" area is also very helpful for reviewing their documentation!
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Welcome to the Community, Hannah! Let us know if you have any questions about the above resources. I definitely recommend starting with the Admin 100 training through which you can complete at your own pace and schedule. 
Thanks for all your help team! I will review Sai's links and let you know if I have any other questions! 🙂
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@Sagan, felt extremely happy to read your message! Thanks for all your support!