How do CSMs use Account Hierarchy?

  • 2 August 2017
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I need more information about how Account Hierarchy works (as opposed to how I implement it), got anything?

6 replies

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Hi Laura,

It sounds like you've probably seen these resources:
Configure and View Account Hierarchy in 360
Understanding Account Hierarchy & Relationships

Do you have more specific questions?
yes, i have. i don't understand what the account hierarchy is meant to do since it doesn't seem to do what we need it to do...

we have some accounts for which each business unit is treated as a separate account. In SFDC they all roll up to the parent account. However, in Gainsight, we want to separate them so they each have their own timeline, etc. 


understand what organization structure/functionality exists in Gainsight that will help us organize the information better as one account.

Thank you!
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It sounds like Gainsight's Relationship functionality might be a better fit for your needs. This video provides a quick walk-through of the Relationships feature and common use cases. Also, your Gainsight CSM has some additional resources to help confirm that Relationships are the right solution for your org. 
my understanding is that relationships is a functionality used for accounts that purchase/use the multiple products that we offer.

when i have brought up relationships, i have been told that what i need is account hierarchy, however, AH does not seem to fulfill my needs.

Additionally, it has been explained to me that setting up relationships is a lot of work and perhaps not something i should consider tackling at this stage in my facility with Gainsight. 

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Laura, I reached out to the Gainsight team members who are helping with your implementation, and asked them to follow up with you. 
Thank you!