Gainsight Scheduled MDA (Backend Services) Patch Release: Thursday, 24th November 2016

  • 23 November 2016
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Window :  

CST - Between 01:00 AM
and 05:00 AM, Thursday,
24th November 2016

UTC - Between 07:00 AM
and 11:00 AM, Thursday,
24th November 2016

IST -  Between 12:30 PM and 04:30 PM, Thursday, 24th November


Activity :  Gainsight
has planned a scheduled deployment on MDA (Backend Services) as Patch
Release. During
this maintenance Rules queue will be in hold state intermittently for about 1
Hour. Soon after the deployment,  queue will resume as normal.

This deployment
includes following fixes:

     Address an issue with rule where wrong query  is formed,  when data-space has Account Object filter in it.  Addressing a customer reported issue, where test email was failing due to malicious content error and unable to preview the outreach. Converting Activity 'Duration' field to seconds if mapped to Call Duration field of SFDC while syncing to SFDC.


Queue Hold Time :  1 Hour 

Details : PRODUCTION Environment

Application  - SFDC  :  NO IMPACT

Data Ingestion
Queue - MDA :  NO IMPACT

Data Processor
Queue - MDA :  NO IMPACT

Rules Engine Queue  -
MDA :  Delay of
about 1 Hour expected.



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3 replies

Deployment completed successfully with in the scheduled window.
Userlevel 2
Our powerlist queue is currently not processing since the maintainance (8 hours later).I have a support ticket open for this issue.

Admittedly, the issue is possibly unrelated to this acquaintance.  Still, it seems ill-advised to be scheduling maintenance on the morning of a major US public holiday as it will take longer for issues to be noticed.
Hi Rich,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.  Not related to Deployment, we encountered an Incident which delayed the Powerlists.

We will certainly consider your suggestion of timing any forthcoming releases.

Thanks for your patience.