Gainsight's Summer Release is Coming Soon!

  • 25 August 2017
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Gainsight's Summer release (v5.9) is coming out on September 5. This release contains lots of exciting new functionality, including the following enhancements:
  • Surveys: create in-line surveys to display a question directly in an email, and create survey links with an expiration date
  • Scorecards 2.0: a migration utility is available to help you convert Account Scorecards (1.0) to Scorecards 2.0
  • Rules Engine: configure Rule Chains using Bionic Rules, include MDA Joins in Bionic Rules, and leverage Cron Expressions for flexible scheduling of rules (including multiple times per day)
  • Success Plans: view Success Plan progress in a Gantt chart and create Success Plans using Bionic Rules
  • Email Assist: send reports and surveys via Email Assist; last used contact is automatically populated in To field; From and Reply-to addresses are now customizable, and more
  • Timeline and Activities: Timeline is available in the Account and Opportunity widgets, plus several usability improvements
  • Advanced Outreach: new Email Chain model available, plus improvements to uniqueness criteria and multi-variant filters
  • Reporting:  significantly increased flexibility on global dashboard filters including use on dashboards with data from both SFDC and MDA, and introducing folders for your Dashboard layouts
  • Sally the Gainsight Bot in Slack: Sally helps Slack users request account information and also update data in Gainsight
  • Share 360 with internal users: Admins can configure a read-only 360 layout with Summary, Account Attributes, Relationships and Report sections to share a live link via email with internal users that don’t have a SFDC-Gainsight license
  • Timezone Standardization: handling of timezones for data that is ingested, stored and reported has been standardized
For end users, we've prepared slides with annotated screenshots to help explain what's new in this release.

For Admins, we're offering live webinars:
  • Sept. 6 at 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PT - CoPilot, Surveys, Reporting, Rules Engine, & Timezone Standardization - link to register
  • Sept. 7 at 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT - GS User, Sally bot & Slack integration, Share 360 layouts, & Scorecards 2.0 migration - link to register
The published release notes and additional resources will be available on the day of the release.

2 replies

Thanks, Lila. Looking forward to learning more about Sally the Gainsight Bot.
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Allen, you're in luck! I just published a 4 min. video overview of the new Sally bot. Also, here's a video on the new Shared 360.