Gainsight CS NXT v6.12.1 Patch Release Notes Available

  • 11 March 2020
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Gainsight CS NXT v6.12.1 Patch Release Notes Available
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NXT 6.12.1 Patch Release is Live

NXT v6.12.1 patch release went live today. For the complete details, please refer to the patch release notes

The patch release includes the following enhancements:

  • Increase in Character Limit for Dropdown Category Name
  • Increase in Low Volume Custom Objects and Fields

  • Success Snapshot configuration is retained when slides are edited or updated

  • Mark Success Snapshots as Active/Inactive

  • Survey source will be identified in C/R360 > Survey section

  • Custom Connectors (external events) now use OAuth 2.0 as an authorization method 

SFDC edition customers: the above enhancements will be included in the upcoming 6.12 release on March 17.

Upcoming Feature Deprecations

  • (SFDC edition only) Retiring “Gainsight Recommended CTAs”: With this release (v6.12), we’re retiring the "Gainsight Recommended CTAs" feature (more info on this feature). This feature was originally released in the Fall of 2017 and is not widely used, with most users opting instead to create custom filtered Cockpit views. We’re removing this feature as part of a larger simplification effort that we are undertaking with regard to Cockpit and CTAs, which is intended to improve the experience for both admins and end users.
  • (SFDC ed. only) No new Success Snapshot 1.0 templates can be created: With the upcoming v6.13 release, you will no longer be able to create new 1.0 Snapshots. Existing 1.0 Snapshots can still be exported and edited. We have improved the functionality in Success Snapshots 2.0, including enhanced control over the template layouts, better support for your branding elements, and support for slides with multiple content types. Click here to learn more about Success Snapshots 2.0.
  • (NXT & SFDC ed.) Archive Email Logs and Raw Events Data: In the v6.13 release, Gainsight will be archiving data for Email logs and Email Raw Events. Only the data from the last one year is stored for logs and the last six months data is stored for raw events. The remaining data will be automatically archived into customers’ S3 bucket, where you can still access it.


5 replies

Any word on when updating Person records by other fields will be available?

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Hi @marshall I’m checking in again with product. Hope to have an update for you by tomorrow!

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Hey @marshall This feature was delayed again until a patch release for NXT on March 19, and SFDC on March 24. However, if you need it to be enabled sooner, let me know and our product team says they can help!

Thanks @lila_meyer! It looks like it’s still not enabled in our org, did we miss the update?

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Hi @marshall I’m going to connect you directly with the product manager offline.