Email to Timeline is here! It's time to get on board!

  • 4 March 2019
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On Feb. 25 in our V6.0 release, we rolled out the new Email to Timeline feature and already 100+ Gainsight customers are using it -- and so can you! Admins can learn how to enable the feature using this guide, and watch an overview of how the whole process works in this 9-min. video!


If you have questions or feedback, feel free to share them on the Community. Email to Timeline was one of the most popular feature enhancements ever shared on our Community, and we're very excited to bring it to life!


Please let us know if there's anything blocking you from setting up this new feature for your users!


6 replies

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If you are one of the 100+ users who have configured this to work with Salesforce Contacts AND Related Contacts (Account Contact Relationship object) please @ me.

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I'm sure most people here are probably already aware of this, but I only discovered it the other day and it made me mightily happy so I will share.

There is an auto bcc to gmail app called Cloud HQ (core functionality is free), and once you install you can set up a rule to add a bcc address to all emails (with exceptions if you wish). I got my team to do this, so they will never need to remember to add the bcc link, and all email exchanges with contacts will be captured and added to timeline automatically.

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That's cool. Requiring the CSMs to all have a long, unique email ID address that they have to remember to select and include on their emails does seem clunky.

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I think I would like the users to be deliberate about what they put on the timeline. This is the question I would like to ask if the email should be on the Timeline: Does it give you or anyone reading the post some important context/information? I would say that approximately 40% of my emails do not pass the test. Things like schedule meetings, even less important emails, one off questions, do not feel timeline worthy to me. We let the CSMs know that Timeline should be the place where absolutely important stuff needs to go in.

I 100% agree. I asked my CSM team to create an email contact record for their Gainsight auto-copy address. Now all they have to do is type 'Timeline' into their BCC and it pulls in their unique email address. Easy, fast, and intentional.

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It would be great to have the ability to automatically add User Groups to the Email to Timeline accepted Users. Current process is very manual and tedious.