Early Access - Customer Success Qualified Leads

  • 3 November 2021
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Early Access - Customer Success Qualified Leads
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Hi Community! We are very excited to announce the early access program for Customer Success Qualified Leads. Please let us know if you are interested to get an early access to this feature by filling this form: Link to Google Form


Customer Success Qualified Leads: 

Given that CSMs interact with customers regularly, they’re in a good position to identify customers who want to buy more. This potential expansion, identified by Customer Success, is a Customer Success Qualified Lead (CSQL). Currently, there is no standard way in Gainsight to share this information with Sales. CTAs, Timeline entries, emails, and even smoke signals are poor options because it is difficult to track them through all the steps that lead to revenue. As a result, Customer Success teams struggle to prove their potentially significant revenue contribution.

What does the feature do:
Gainsight is introducing a purpose-built enhancement for logging CSQLs. Benefits include:

  • Simplified configuration
  • Integration with Salesforce Lead object, enabling a Sales aligned process and revenue attribution
  • Automatic enrichment of Lead details

Please refer to this document for more information regarding the feature: Customer Success Qualified Leads (Early Access) - Overview

Is it available for both SFDC & NXT Editions:

  • Yes

Is this a paid feature:

  • This feature is available to all Gainsight customers and no additional licensing is required.

Note: Filling the form doesn’t confirm the participation in the early access, as we have limited slots available.

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