Do not open suspicious Google doc links/phishing links

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There is a sophisticated phishing scam making rounds today that we want our customers to be aware of.

Please be alert for any message with the TO: address as hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... along with a bogus Google Docs link.  If you receive a message like this, it is advised to delete it immediately.

Please contact your IT dept. if you believe you've opened one of these links.

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I wanted to reach out to see if you or someone could help me.. I was approached this morning by a Recruiter: Kate Thompson. Was supposedly interviewed by  Daniel Joffee. 

Completed the Zoom interview and received an Offer Letter. 


I tried different ways to get with someone.. Believe this is a Scam. And wanted your team aware of the items going around.. 



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Thank you for elevating this @jennifersc79 , this is alarming! 

I couldn't find the 2 individuals you name here on our co. dB. I’m sharing this internally to spread the awareness.