Customization of CTAs

  • 15 February 2017
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Other than the few "snags" I've hit, I just want to say how much I am loving the ability to customize reasons and statuses per CTA Type. The flexibility this is going to give in a lot of processes is really going to have a big impact on not just our CSMs, but our CEMs and our overall Product Teams. Happy to share some of the use cases I've already identified if it will help anyone else visualize how they can use.

2 replies

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Thanks Heather.  Would you be willing to share some of those here on Community or perhaps a call with our docs team so we can share on Gainsight Go?
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Sure! The big one so far is we're creating a new CTA Type to capture Product Feedback and Ideas. So, we're using the customization for Reasons and Statuses that would be more specific to that type of CTA versus where previously we wouldn't have probably added any additional statuses, and our Reasons list would have been way too long to expect to get accurate categorization. I'm happy to jump on a call and walk through more specifics.