CS v6.23 & v6.25 release - Gainsight Implemented Posts

  • 27 July 2021
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Hello Everyone,

We appreciate all the product inputs that our customers take the time to share with us in the Community. Your feedback helps us build better products and services and stay in tune with what customers expect. 

We want you to know that our product team listens and carefully considers your ideas and concerns. I'm happy to report that we have implemented some of your suggestions in the v6.23 & v6.25 releases!

Note: Gainsight has released a managed package for an internal release which mandated a new major version [6.24]. Hence, we moved from v6.23 to v6.25 for customers. Please note that the v6.24 didn’t have any impact on the customer orgs.

 Following are the Community posts implemented in v6.23 (SFDC & NXT) release:

Following are the Community posts implemented in v6.25 (SFDC & NXT) release:



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@rakesh_lingala Thank you for letting us know the implemented ideas from the community.