CS v6.10 SFDC & v6.11 NXT Releases Are Live!

  • 28 January 2020
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CS v6.10 SFDC & v6.11 NXT Releases Are Live!
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The CS v6.10 SFDC edition product release is live in production orgs today! And due to some earlier schedule changes, the v6.11 NXT product release is also live in all NXT orgs today.

6.10 Release Highlights

  • Automatically sync activities from Salesforce into Timeline to provide a single view of your 
    customers’ entire engagement history.

  • Optimize your use of Cockpit and the files you upload to Gainsight with new Gainsight Analyzer capabilities.

  • Data Designer now auto imports the mapping information present in Gainsight Data Management, 
    so you can easily use these fields in other areas of Gainsight such as the Rules Engine.

  • Admins can now control which email templates are accessible to CSMs when they are using the 
    Send Email option in Cockpit for sending ad-hoc emails. 

  • Gainsight is developing Multi-Currency support. When Admins enable this feature, various related changes are visible across Gainsight functionalities. For existing customers who are using single-currency support, we're developing a migration framework to upgrade you to Multi-Currency. We will upgrade customers in batches over the next few months. If you have questions, please contact your Gainsight Client Outcomes Manager.

To learn more about the 6.10 release, check out the release notes and Highlights video ! 


6.11 NXT Release Highlights

NXT 6.11 is live in your orgs today. The v6.11 release is a smaller one, and contains just a few enhancements. The SFDC edition 6.11 release to Sandboxes is on Feb. 4, and the production release is on Feb. 18. 

Highlights of 6.11 include:

  • Add Timeline comments, @mentions, and inline tasks in the Mobile app

  • Whitelist trusted IP addresses for your orgs

  • Set custom expiration periods for Shared Layouts


PX Product Release

The PX product release for January has been rescheduled to Feb. 3. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Highlights of the upcoming PX release include:

  • Multi-product and environment support allows you to align your product experience with product lifecycle   
  • Enable PX to any Adobe product using Adobe Launch

  • Push experience data into Segment ecosystem using Segment CDP/Push integration

  • Enhancing existing API (Javascript, RESTful) with Java SDK


P.S. No actual balloons were released as part of these product releases. :wink:

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