Community Quarterly Contest Announcement for Customers (July 1st - September 30th)

  • 1 July 2020
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Hi All,

We're launching a quarterly contest starting now (running through Sep 31) to award members who participate the most on the Community. You can win rewards several different ways:

  • Be the most helpful Community member: offer suggestions and solutions to questions and problems from fellow Community posters (1 lucky recipient)

  • Share the most popular product idea based on votes (newly submitted between July 1st and Sep 30th) 

  • Earns 500 points or more this quarter.

  • Earn 200 points or more in one month during the contest period. 

  • Write the most popular use case how-to or best practice article (will be considered based on number of likes).

You have the chance to win Gainsight swag and gift cards, as well as you’ll be included in our quarterly Newsletter!


8 replies

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I’m in. Let’s do this!

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Hi All, I would like all of you to join the contest. Let us know if you need any help here.

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Bumping this to the top for new joiners.

Hey all! please shoot all your ideas/questions here. 

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Awesome stuff! I’m in.

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@All, Thanks for participating! I really appreciate all your efforts here. 

  2 days to go! Share your interesting ideas and check the number of votes you get to your ideas!!.

I would say share all your ideas Out Of Your Head and check the weightage!!! In the next coming releases I want all your ideas to be on the top! 


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One more day to submit your ideas!! 

There is never a small or a big idea, I only believe in idea. 

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@All, Thanks for your participation! It was wonderful to see your active participation on Community. I will announce the list soon.Thanks once again!!! 

Happy Posting!!!


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Hi @sai

Super fantastic. So when is the next contest dates?