C360/R360 Beta Program Announcement

  • 22 April 2022
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C360/R360 Beta Program Announcement
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C360/R360 Beta Program


What is C360/R360 new experience ? -

  • C/R360 is one of the most utilised areas within our CS offering making it a priority for our team to continually improve the end user experience to ensure it evolves as do the needs of our customers. 

The new experience is loaded with improvements to drive our users' capability to be even more productive while delivering the outcomes their customers expect.


Some of the key improvements include:

  • Improved visualisation for easily digesting customer data. 
  • The ability to view and interact with customer data directly from within the C/R360 page view 
  • Increased user efficiency with new inline editing capabilities 
  • More options for personalisation within the 360 experience
  • Overall simplified admin user experience 


Please ask your Customer Success Manager to nominate you, if you’d like to participate in this Beta Program. 

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FYI @gopal_rao_kallepu 

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For  the list of support articles of the new 360, please refer to this post: