Beta Testing Opportunity - Cockpit Calendar Integration

  • 28 January 2020
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That is disappointing, this would be an amazing feature to have... :frowning2:  

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Hi @joshua_roskos - completely understand where you’re coming from. NXT is the future of our platform and while we will be able to provide parity on some features to the old SFDC edition, on some things we won’t be able to make it happen. If you haven’t already, you should talk to your Gainsight CSM about when your organization can migrate to NXT. :)

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received feedback again that it is not helpful by CTA due date and would be much more helpful to sync tasks to calendar

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Hi @andreammelde ,

Thanks a lot for sharing this feedback. We will consider this enhancement as a part of the features roadmap for sure.

Just confirming one thing, apart from having the tasks sync on the due date (similar to the CTA) would any kind of filtering be needed on what tasks should be synced? 

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Hi @joshua_roskos as of now, we don't have any plans of bringing this to the SFDC edition


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Hi @rajyalakshmi_vele I would be interested for some users in our org; however, we are scheduled for NXT migration later in the year, starting in November. Can you keep us on a hold accordingly? DM me to chat more.

Edit: totally missed the date. Ignore!

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@aditya_marla I agree and I would think giving admins the ability to filter which tasks are sync’d or giving this ability directly to the end users would be nice. 

How is task syncing going? Are you ever planning to have calendar events like meetings auto log to timeline?

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received feedback again that it is not helpful by CTA due date and would be much more helpful to sync tasks to calendar

@foster.sean92 @lindseyyoung5 see this thread and this particular comment regarding expectations for this functionality we are expected to launch on Monday

We would love this for our org! 

@Lani Nelson 

I agree, this functionality is great in the mobile app but will be even more powerful in the web version as that is where end users mainly use gainsight.

Has there been any discussion to allow a notification of an upcoming meeting to be posted as a “draft” instead of directly to timeline?


This would be such an amazing game changer!!!

If you create a CTA and add Associated Persons from your Customer Contacts, does the integration create a Google Calendar event with the individuals to invite them to the event? 


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@rsivesind No we don’t have that functionality. We just show the CTA as a event in the calendar currently.