August + September Release News

  • 25 August 2020
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August + September Release News
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The v6.17 release is live in NXT orgs in the EU as of August 25, and for US customers on August 29. This release includes:

  • Gainsight Mobile now supports the C360 / R360 for quick access to customer info and logging Timeline activities on the go. (Available early September!)

  • Success Snapshots is improved with a new test run preview, re-sizable table width columns, and a new Success Plan Overview slide option.

  • New CX Center for analyzing customer sentiment across sources like Timeline and Surveys.

  • Renewal Center offers a new Churn Reason chart to support your customer churn analysis.

  • Company Intelligence is available in the C360 to monitor publicly available information and alert users to the signals that matter most.

  • Plus, more than 20 new ready-to-use solutions in Sightline Vault, and multiple enhancements to Adoption Explorer and Renewal Center.

To learn more about the NXT v6.17 release, check out the release notes and highlights video!


For SFDC customers, the release is live in your production orgs on September 1. Check out this 10-min. video for an overview of what’s new, and then read the final release notes!


  • Survey 1.0: We are removing the ability to create new surveys using Survey 1.0 with this release. Gainsight recommends customers manually review their existing 1.0 surveys, and migrate them to Surveys 2.0, as well as create any new surveys using Survey 2.0. Customers can continue to view, edit and use 1.0 surveys after 6.17. For more information, refer to the Survey 1.0 Deprecation/Retirement FAQs article.

  • Success Snapshots 1.0: Back in April, we removed the ability to create new 1.0 Snapshots. With the October v6.18 release, we are also planning to remove the ability to export existing 1.0 Snapshots. We have improved the functionality in Success Snapshots 2.0, including enhanced control over the template layouts, better support for your branding elements, and support for slides with multiple content types. For more information, refer to the Overview of Success Snapshots 2.0 article.


  • Scorecards & Timeline: With this release, Gainsight will start archiving automated scorecard activities on Timeline that are older than eight weeks. This change will improve system performance and enable us to continue improving the overall Timeline functionality.

  • Send Emails via Rules: We are going to remove the ability to send emails via Rules with the October v6.18 release. Gainsight recommends customers who are sending emails via Rules, to use Journey Orchestrator Programs to send emails.


The PX release will also be on Sept. 2, and includes enhancements such as:

  • PX now supports the Google Search API as a native integration to allow customers to search for, preview, and access publicly available articles, as indexed by Google.

  • PX supports User Preferences per user, one of which determines if users have opted for “product updates.” Now, customers have a way to toggle a checkbox on any engagement to specify it as a “Product-Update.” Previously, they could only do this via the public API.

  • Admins can transfer ownership of custom dashboards and reports to another Admin.

Read the release notes for more information!

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Quick question: Will the Gainsight mobile C360/R360 features be available for SFDC Edition users in this upcoming release?

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Hi @davebrown2242 Yes, the Mobile app upgrade is targeted for Sept. 1.

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New Search Field in the Dependencies Tab 

Admins can now search and select a custom or standard field to filter jobs (in individual application areas) that use the selected field in the Dependencies tab of Data Management. You can see the total number of jobs and filtered jobs for the selected field in the application area. For more information, refer to the Advanced Operations in Data Management article.

YESSSS. So simple but so needed! 

I also love the Adoption Explorer updates - got a lot of clues for these from @skalle and I am so excited to apply them. It might just be me, but I feel like this is one of the best releases to date!

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We can’t wait for the new / update mobile app. 

I’m super excited for the dependencies as well! 

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Hi @lila_meyer! Re: Edit Company Fields from the R360 Attributes Section - I’m able to see the option to make those fields Editable in the layout view but it appears I can’t actually click the box to make it editable. Was there an issue/delay with the release of this feature or is this something that I should submit a ticket for?

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Hi @acote We confirmed that item was released successfully. Can you please contact Support for investigation?

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Just a head’s up, the final SFDC and PX release notes, as well as the SFDC highlights video have been added to the original post above!