August Release is Live

  • 25 August 2016
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Your Gainsight environment is upgraded to the August release. For more information, please review our detailed release notes and associated support articles.

Join us live tomorrow, Friday 8/26, from 8:45am - 10am for a demonstration of the new functionality -- click here for more details and to sign up! If you can’t attend, register anyway, and we’ll email you the recording. In September, we’ll also host webinar deep-dives on Data Spaces, and Survey reporting using Data Spaces. Keep an eye out for webinar invitations, or bookmark this page for Gainsight product webinar details!

This release contains a variety of important enhancements, including:

  • CoPilot is removed from Cockpit: In the Salesforce ribbon, click the + button, and then click Customize my tabs. Add the CoPilot tab and save. Then CoPilot will be available under the primary navigation icon in Gainsight. (For new customers, the CoPilot tab is available by default.)
  • Send Emails from Cockpit: Bring the power of email templates into your Gainsight Playbooks. CSMs get a head start with templated Email tasks that they can customize and send directly within their CTAs. CSMs can also view email open statistics in the Task Detail View in Cockpit.
  • Reporting enhancements: Add Milestones in Report Builder to any account specific, time series report, whether your data lives in SFDC or in MDA. Also, set colors for field values so you have consistency in all of your dashboards and reports.
  • Relationships enhancements: Create Success Plans and Success Snapshot presentations; use Relationships to create Power Lists, and send Relationship Surveys via CoPilot; and add Milestones, Surveys, and Sponsor Tracking sections to the R360. Overall scores are available in Relationship Scorecards, and a new Scorecard Mass Edit View is available in the Report Builder.
  • Data Spaces: Create custom Data Spaces with a collection of related objects and their lookup relations in one view. Data Spaces will provide consistency, convenience and capability in reporting and rule configuration. (operates on SFDC data and objects)
  • Account Hierarchy: View up to 5 levels of SFDC account hierarchy in the C360 page and sum up to 15 attributes at every level.  
  • Zendesk Integration: All Zendesk custom ticket fields, assignee name and assignee email ID are automatically synced to the Zendesk Tickets collection. Admins do not have control over which custom fields are synced at this time.
This is only a partial list of the enhancements in this release, please review the release notes for a complete description of new functionality.

6 replies

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Thanks Lila! I love how much easier it is to access Copilot outside of Cockpit.

I noticed that access to the conventional SFDC tabs is no longer sticky (as of today the Gainsight UI is maximized regardless of my last action). Is this by design in the new release?

My team is heavily dependent on other SFDC objects so I anticipate it impacting user experience to consistently need to click to access the SFDC navbar.
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Hi Amy, I moved this question to it's own post, so we can get input from our product team. Please reference the new conversation here: Salesforce tabs no longer sticky?
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Hi Lila -- Super excited about this release!

On the Send Emails from Cockpit, I went to build a new email task and quickly realized that none of the email templates that contain a link to a survey are available. Is this a known limitation? Will it be added in?

We were looking to support a post-consultation process, where the last step in the playbook is for the CSM to send a survey.

We also have a pro-active survey for a CSM to send a customer that when received would kick off another CTAs/Playbook for the team to react to based on the response.
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Hi Nora,

I'm pretty sure this is a known and intended limitation, but I'm not sure if it's a planned enhancement. I've reached out to our product team for more information. Thanks!
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Thanks Lila -- looking forward to what you hear. I haven't been able to find a good / workable solution on how an end user can quickly and easily generate a unique survey link in GS -- I thought this may be the answer!
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Hi Nora, yes this is a known limitation. Email with embedded surveys and reports cannot be added in cockpit for now. The plan is to add it in Q4.