Announcing: Holiday 2015 Community Competition!

  • 21 November 2015
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We are really excited about how much energy our Community has put in over the course of 2015.  Within the last few months we've seen consistent growth.  

From November 23 to December 23 we'll have our first-ever Community Competition and reward the top three contributors (by points over the 30-day period) cards.  Prizes will be:
  • First Place - $ Card
  • Second Place - $ Card
  • Third Place - $ Card cards will be redeemable for a variety of options!

To keep things fair, please keep up the great standard of posts you've been doing so far.  Likes and follows certainly help your score, and marking questions "answered" when you have a solution absolutely helps too! 

We're also looking to hear more about your how you're using Gainsight to deliver outstanding Customer Success, from Best Practices you've implemented to Tips and Tricks you've discovered!

Also, you can check your points over the last 30 days by clicking this link.  Top points for the last 30 days will be listed on 12/23/15!

Thanks and good luck to everyone!

4 replies

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Here to update everyone on the status of the competition!

For Members the current place holders are:
  1. Ellen Berman
  2. Jeff Kirkpatrick
  3. Heather Hanson
Remember this goes up until the 21st of December so there is still time to get your name on the leader boards! Best of luck to everyone!
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Hello Everyone!

Back with another update on the standings!

1st. Ellen Berman

2nd. Heather Hanson

3rd. Jeff Kirkpatrick

There are still 10 days left on this competition! Best of luck to everyone!
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Hello Everyone!

Here to remind you all that today is the LAST day of the competition. You can earn those points up until midnight!

We will be announcing the winners on Wednesday the 23rd!

Best of luck to you all!
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Hello Everyone!

I am here to announce the winners of the competition!

With a point total of 318 points we have Heather Hanson in 3rd place!

With a point total of 426 points we have in Ellen Berman in 2nd place!

And in 1st place with a point total of 534...

Jeff Kirkpatrick!

Thank you all for competing, you should expect your prizes to arrive via email soon!