Admin Office Hours - May 19th, 2016

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Register for Admin Office Hours on Thursday May 19 at 11am Pacific. Submit your questions to this thread and we'll add them to our topics list below!

This week some of our Product Managers and Engineers will join the session! Once you register, you'll receive an email with a link to join the session.

Post-session, we will update this article with a summary of answered questions and link portions of the video for those who could not attend.

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I'd like to know how we can use CoPilot to send emails based on previously un-clicked CoPilot emails. See for the full thread:

"We want to sent out a second email after 3 days to a customer if the customer didn't click the URL in the first copilot email that we sent out. Any suggestions on a work-around for this?

We also can use SFDC email templates as a work-around, but I'm not sure that the matrix data will pull SFDC email template Clicked URL information on the previous Copilot-sent email. 

1. We send out first email via copilot to Primary contact role on account.
2. Customer (primary contact) does not click the URL in the button within our email within 3 days.
3. We want to send out reminder email after those 3 days to the customer that did not click the URL. We also want to send this reminder email to the Primary contact (in the contact roles section of the account level) in the account - which means we'll also have to create a lookup field for "Primary" contact role."
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I'm having some problems with using Copilot to notify my CSMs that a Success Plan has been created for them. So, I'm using the Rules Engine to create the Success Plan as a Draft, and I want to send the CSM an email to let them know that we've created the Success Plan for them, and they should go in and customize and make it active. I have the Success Plan piece working, but I can't seem to get the Copilot to ever find "results" for the power list and send.
I would like to find out how to configure Sponsor Tracking CTAs
when a track sponsor

Is no longer with the current company, particular if they went
to a different company that’s also in our database;

Has a job title change

Also, could you ask how to read the CTA error log shown here:

I haven't gotten any responses on this - would like to hear how to get it resolved -
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Here is the info to join the call if you don't have the email. Office Hours are starting now!

Admin Office Hours

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