Admin Office Hours - June 9th, 2016

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This thread is for the Admin Office Hours session for Thursday June 9th, 
2016.  Submit your questions to this thread and we'll address them during our session at 11am PST/ 1pm CST.

To register for this session, please click here.

Post-session, we will update this article with a summary of answered 
questions and link portions of the video for those who could not attend.

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Yes, thanks Evan.  That session saved both Arnold and I a lot of hassle.
No problem.  Thanks for letting me learn through your examples, as you helped answer some of my questions!
Thanks, Evan!
Brooke, sorry that we burned through the time with our problem.
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Office Hours are starting now!

Admin Office Hours

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States : +1 (571) 317-3112

Access Code: 912-742-885
I got the impression this was an 11am PST webinar.  Do you have a link to join?
I guess I should explain our use case a little bit more.  Our users need the correlation
between data on the standard Account object, the custom Usage object, and a
custom object named CEM (Customer Engagement), particularly activities and
registrations.  I understand that we need
to pull everything from these objects into the MDA, Once all the data is in
there, I would like to write a Cross-object report to get the users the data
they need.  I hope that helps.  I’m at the beginning of the learning curve on

Can you a create formula column in Reports 2.0?  For example: Column C = Column B / Column A.
I have requested support team to review and get in touch related to using rules to load data from SFDC objects to MDA objects.
How are multiple SFDC Opportunity records consolidated into the Customer List?  For example, if there are two opportunities open on an account with differing Close Dates and Stages, is the most recent opportunity information shown?
How do you refresh the data/structure of a Matrix Data Object?  I added a field (Churn Risk) to the Custom Matrix Data Object.  But, when I go to update the rule that loads the data, it's not listed in the drop-down for the field mappings.
We are trying to accomplish the same thing - Reports 2.0 charts/tables with data from multiple Salesforce objects.  For example: We want to be able to report on Transaction Volume, Opportunity Data (Dates, Stages, etc.), as well as Account Detail (Plan, Owner, etc.).  I added a couple fields to the Customer Info object in Salesforce then mapped them using a rule.  Is there another way to accomplish this; or, would I have to do that for all the fields of interest?
Hi.  We're trying to push data from standard objects and custom objects in Salesforce into MDA so that we can create cross object reports.  Not having much luck so far.