6 steps to ensure a smooth transition to Horizon Analytics

  • 16 August 2021
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6 steps to ensure a smooth transition to Horizon Analytics
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6 steps to ensure a smooth transition to Horizon Analytics


Preparing for the upgrade to Horizon Analytics? Gainsight’s latest reporting functionality will give you and your users a simple yet powerful analytics experience. 


“Building reports in Horizon Analytics is much more streamlined and has easily given us a 5x increase in efficiency.”  — A happy Horizon Analytics customer


“I don’t remember life before Horizon Analytics! The game-changing capabilities like drag-and-drop report building and dashboards on mobile were totally worth the time to validate.”  — Future you


You’ll have time to preview and validate the new capabilities before you’re fully upgraded. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ve highlighted 6 key steps you can take as an admin to set yourself and your organization up for success. 


1 - Review your Horizon Analytics upgrade logs — we’ve already analyzed your reports for you 

Look at the upgrade log that is attached to the email titled Gainsight Horizon Analytics preview enabled. Note the status for each dashboard and report:



Recommended Action


Time to exhale. You’re good to go!

Partial Success

Review the log, and: 

  • If the reason is straightforward (ex: updating filter, etc), you can manually do the required changes. 

  • If something seems off, reach out to support.


Review the log, and:

  • If the reason is valid/expected (ex: field deleted, etc), no need to worry. You can move on to the next asset.

  • If something seems off, reach out to support. 


2 - Help Gainsight support help you!

In case it wasn’t obvious from the above table, please report any issues found in validation to Gainsight Support via Be sure to send along the information provided in the upgrade log attachment where applicable.

3 - Make sure your Dashboards are as gorgeous as you designed them to be

You put a lot of work into making gorgeous, easy-to-use reports - make sure they display correctly! On the Dashboards Beta tab, open each dashboard; if you run into any display issues, contact support to get them resolved before your official upgrade day. 

4 - Give users early access to explore and validate the new capabilities

We have added new functionality like filters on pivot reports, report color palettes, and more. Be sure to review the reports for potential improvements prior to rolling out. As a best practice, we recommend validating the new visualizations with a group of power users in advance (even when improving functionality!).

5 - Set up time with your team

Before the final transition day, demo Horizon Analytics in a team meeting or record yourself showing off your handiwork. 

6 - Have a plan for the transition day

Have a plan for the transition day (you will receive communications from Gainsight regarding what date this is). Let all users know the right process internally to report any issues with reports. Best practices are for users to report issues to the Gainsight Admin and, if needed, open a ticket with support.


Above all, communication is key. Reach out to Gainsight to proactively address any issues. Communicate with your users to ensure they feel empowered to use the new reports. Give yourself a pep talk - before you know it, you and your organization will be successfully upgraded to Horizon Analytics!


Resources to provide your users

Further Resources

  • Webinar - Watch this deep dive into Horizon Analytics to discover the exciting enhancements and learn more about how to prepare

  • Gainsight University - Complete this Admin training to ensure you are fully equipped 

  • Gainsight Go - Review the docs relevant to you: NXT / SFDC

  • Office Hours - Join office hours to ask your configuration questions - you surely won’t be the only one! 

  • Slack Community - Join the admin Slack community to discuss your upgrade with your fellow admins and learn what’s working best for them.

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@rakesh awesome!! you are a Game Changer always!! thank you for sharing this here, this is really helpful.

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FYI @bradleymcg, @darkknight, @gunjanm 

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  1. Test everything. Test it as an admin, test it as an end user. Then test it again.
  2. If you have a Sandbox, use that to test your C360 reports.
  3. Repeat steps 7-8.

^Really it’s 2-4.

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@All, bumping this to the top for more visibility.

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Also double check your permission settings here after your migration in case it gets switched: