6.14 CS Release is Live!

  • 12 May 2020
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6.14 CS Release is Live!
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We have so many awesome new features to share with you in the latest v6.14 release for CS Salesforce edition! We created a short video to show you what’s new, which you can also share with end users. Take a look at the latest productivity improvements available now!


To learn more, check out the detailed release notes


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Release Frequency Changes

Just a reminder, releases will be every 6 weeks instead of every 4 weeks, starting in June. 

7 replies

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@lila_meyer Question:  in the Salesforce release notes, under  Scorecards it states:

Plain Text Support for Comments
Scorecard timeline uses comprehensive rich-text that is not supported in Salesforce. Gainsight is now storing the comments as plain-text so that the synced fields are rendered properly when you push Scorecard comments into your Salesforce org via Rules Engine.


Does this impact the ability for us to use HTML code to format Scorecard Timeline comments?  That will be a BIG issue for us if so.

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Hi Jeff, checking with product, and will circle back shortly!

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@darkknight This does not affect the scorecard timeline.

The plan-text version of the latest timeline entry is stored in what was previously the scorecard comments field. If you had rules syncing scorecard comments to salesforce, they would be rendered as plain-text in salesforce.

We have also given back the ability to view the latest comment against the measure in scorecard mass edit like we used to before the scorecard timeline upgrade. This also would be rendered as  plain-text.


This change was only intended to make sure previously existing functionality remains unaffected. The scorecard timeline itself is not impacted.

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@shantan_reddy that is good news Shantan thank you for the clarification!  @lila_meyer It might be a good idea to tweak the verbiage in the release notes so that others don’t misinterpret. 

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So, here’s something “cool”. 

The Sally - Gainsight Notifications through Slack feature that is in this 6.14 release is somehow live in my opted-out environment that is still on 6.13.1.  Any idea how that happened?



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Thank you for the feedback regarding the Plain Text Support for Comments enhancement. I’ve updated the text in our release notes based on your feedback to make this clearer for other users. Please feel free to take a look, and let me know if you think this point requires further clarification.


​​@lila_meyer @shantan_reddy 

Hi - do you know if there are plans to release a plug-in for Outlook similar to the one you have for Gmail?