[Tip of the Week] Measuring How Engagements Impact Feature Adoption

  • 14 August 2019
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When aiming to drive module and feature adoption, you'll likely use some combination of emails and in-app messaging to your users. But how do you know if your engagements are effective in driving adoption?

While there's no way to associate 100% of something to adoption, you can always find correlations. Take this use case for example to understand how you can correlate engagements with featuer adoption.

Goal: Our company wants to drive user and account adoption to Feature XYZ. Let's launch a dialog engagement to drive users to the feature.

  • Engagement was launched on Aug 1st, and you want to measure the effects this had on user/account adoption
  • Run the "Feature Adoption" report for Feature XYZ two weeks prior. It appears that user adoption was 10% in the two weeks prior to Aug 1.
  • Now, run the "Feature Adoption" report for Feature XYZ for two weeks after Aug 1. It appears that user adoption is now 20%.
This is one method to measure the effectiveness of your engagements in driving up adoption.

Try this out the next time you're launching an engagement to bring awareness to a certain area of your product!

1 reply

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Love it! I think a possible next step to the above question would be to ask, "How do engagements impact user/account retention?" in the Retention Analysis view. Some ideas:

  • Conduct the study above to see how the engagements impact feature adoption, then filter the Retention Analysis view by those features
  • Launch the engagement to a subset of accounts, then filter by those accounts in the Retention Analysis view
  • Feature Request: If there were an "Engagement" set of filters, apply the engagement filter to the Retention Analysis view. In fact, if the filter could enable something such as, "Number of engagements seen", that could give good insight into the "sweet spot" of engagement frequency/quantity
Alex, I think your question, "How do engagements impact feature adoption?" would really be crucial for product teams, while asking, "How do engagements impact user/account retention?" would be valuable to CS and executive stakeholders.