CSM Account Transition Process Ideas




We are looking to revamp our process of transitioning accounts to new CSM’s and was really wondering what other organizations are doing.

Our current process is as follows:

  1. The TM builds out a list (report/excel) of transitions including (CSM ID’s, Names, Account ID’s, etc.) and attaches to a ticket.
  2. We take that file and upload it to an object.
  3. We then run a rule that has a corresponding playbook attached to it, there are a handful of playbooks to choose from.
  4. This then kicks out the CTA to the CSM who will be performing the transition and its tasks. 
  5. Finally, we update the CSM in SF via

This is a pretty bulky process and takes a little more time than it should, so we are looking for any ideas that other companies might be doing to make this a little more streamline. 


Thank you for any and all input!



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