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  • 25 April 2023
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Hi CS Leaders,
Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) is a sophisticated feature available in your instance of Gainsight.

Here are the best internal practices (rather much needed prerequisites) for engaging CSQLs efficiently. 

  • Define CSQLs for your business & Internal Alignment
    Conversation across the board with all teams like sales, marketing, operations & having them in agreement with this efficient source of pipeline generation.
  • Incentivise & Recognise
    Build excitement and show off your team’s contributions to the pipeline.
    Validation and sense of impact goes a long way.
  • Empower your teams
    Have detailed and well defined processes in play, data points to capture, metrics to be shared. CSMs should be well informed on the benefits of capturing and transposing CSQLs correctly.

The above details in place set up your strategy for the big wins in CS.
Here is a quick demo on the CSQL flow, reports, results inside Gainsight. 


Why CS Leaders Should Care About CSQLs in Gainsight: (The F.U.E.L needed)

  • Full history associated with CSQL records available to sales.

  • Unified, easy and efficient handoff to the sales team.

  • End to end tracking on all CSQLs created

  • Leverage reporting on your team’s contribution and the exact impact on bottomline.

Do you have a success story with CSQLs or maybe a roll out plan? Do you have any other effective insights on the CSQL strategy?
Let's keep this conversation going!

1 reply

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For additional insight on CSQLs, be sure to check out: CSQLs: Creating an Integrated Journey from Sales to CS and Back Again.

Detailed documentation for your GS Admin: CSQL Documentation for Gainsight Admins