Very Positive Feedback

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Overall, I've been receiving a lot of very favorable feedback from our users. Some specific things I've heard:

- I like it better because it looks more like Salesforce
- It is so much faster!
- Wow, I can actually see more in the Success Plan fields
- When did our graph colors start matching our branding?
- I like that everything is on the left side (when speaking of the Cockpit)
- It looks a lot cleaner and is easier to navigate
- Ooh, I can see more!

- Do not like clicking their face to close a task
- Ability to pin the header down so some teams can easily search Salesforce

- New tabs all the time.  Sometimes it is great - other times it seems overkill.

From an Administrator perspective, I second all of the praise above and have to greatly thank you for the overall improved UI. We thought the teams would be upset they cannot scroll on the C360 page, but everyone enjoys the speed so much I've not heard it come up unless prompted - and then they say, "Meh - it is so much faster!"

Congrats on the good release, and thank you!

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Thanks Jennifer - so great to hear!  Also we very much appreciate all the feedback from you and the team as part of our Early Access group.  We have a few more customers joining in so hope to get this kind of feedback from all users.

On the face hover to close a task, that one is in our plan!

For "new tabs all the time" - is that referring to opening a new tab for each click vs taking over existing tab?
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Hi Denise,

Yes, "new tabs all the time" refers to opening a new tab for each click vs taking over the existing tab.  I've tried to sort out a pattern for what pages we would like a new tab (C360 pages) vs when we would like it to take over an existing tab - but I haven't found one.

I also received a couple more comments for improvement:

* In the Scorecard section on a C360 page, the "Comments" section in both the Overall and Individual Scores are too small and it is difficult to scroll. 
* When viewing on a mobile phone, it is difficult to interact with Gainsight now. The clickable sections are too small, and it take a long time to load/navigate.

Thank you!