Vault Update!

  • 9 March 2016
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Hi Community - here's [i]What's New in Vault!  

  • New Assets Nominated: 
  • Gainsight Community -- what awesome ideas for playbooks, surveys, and email templates do you have?
  • New Assets Published: 1 survey, 5 CoPilot templates published last week 
  • Usage Data Proxy Survey - to use as a substitute when customers are unable to collect traditional usage data
  • Webinar Invite Template - listing out and inviting customers to a series of upcoming webinars
  • Customer Reference Request Template - inviting a customer to participate in a Customer Reference call
  • (Internal) Gainsight Training Template - inviting an internal team to attend a training on how to use Gainsight
  • Gainsight Feature Overview: Cockpit - for customers to share with their end users, explaining how to use Gainsight with a series of descriptions and pictures
  • Very Wide (Format) Template - Format-only template showing customers how to widen the format of CoPilot to include bigger pictures and reports 
    • Assets to be published next week:  
    • Product Overage playbook and CoPilot template
    • 'Campaign Ending' CoPilot template
    • 'What's New in Gainsight' CoPilot template
    • A new, format-only CoPilot template 

    4 replies

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    Awesome. Have anyone download any of these best practice Vault content? Any favorites? Love the 'Usage Data Proxy Survey' !
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    Are there any plans to add Success Plan templates to the vault? We're struggling with a few teams on our side with getting them bought in, and it would be great to have some examples to show them and perhaps leverage.
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    Hi Heather, it certainly makes sense to add. We probably won't be able to get to it till Q3/Q4 of the year. Things like custom objects for rules/reports, picklist value, multiple asset downloads are currently higher priority. Have you used Vault for assets currently supported. Also have you tried setting up Success Plan templates so that team can start with those templates?
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    HI Gaurav,

    I've definitely used the vault for examples for surveys and email templates. I have done templates for them, but it would be great to be able to have ideas of how other customers have utilized them and example templates.