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Hi Community - see below for [i]What's New in Vault!

New Assets Nominated:

  • Gainsight Community -- what awesome ideas for playbooks, surveys, email templates, and rules do you have?
New Assets: 4 Surveys, 4 Playbooks, 4 CoPilot Templates published in the last few weeks

  • Sales Handoff Playbook - ensure a smooth Handoff from Sales to Services/CSM
  • Product Risk Playbook - manage a risk situation where a customer has a functionality issue with the product
  • Special Event Playbook - manage customer attendees for any type of special event (e.g. networking events, sales breakfasts, summits, conferences)
  • Go Live! (High Touch) Playbook - transition a customer from training and implementation to launched and adopting in a high-touch fashion
  • New Beta Feature Feedback Survey - gather customers' initial feedback on a new feature in Beta
  • Product Release Feedback Survey - gather customer feedback on the changes enabled by a recent product release
  • Initial End User Training Survey - gather feedback from your customers' end users after they complete their initial product training
  • New Product Concept Analysis Survey - assess customer interest in a new product concept
  • EBR Scheduling Template - reach out to a customer regarding scheduling for their next Executive Business Review
  • Support Ticket Acknowledgement Template - acknowledge the submission of a new Support Ticket and reassure the customer that your team is on top of it
  • Rollout Plan Template - Align the customer with your plan for their internal product rollout
  • Re-engagement after No Contact Template - Attempt to re-engage when you haven't had successful communication with a key customer contact for a long period of time


  • Congrats to MasteryConnect on winning the Gold Miner Award at Pulse for Most Assets Downloaded

May 19 Release

  • As of this Thursday, you will gain access to 50 Vault Rules as well as the new Vault User Interface. Very exciting!
  • As always, you can also view a complete list of Vault assets here.

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