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  • 25 April 2016
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Hi Community - here's [i]What's New in Vault! 

New Assets Nominated:
  • Gainsight Community -- what awesome ideas for playbooks, surveys, and email templates do you have?
New Assets Published: 8 playbooks, 8 CoPilot templates published in the last 2 weeks
  • Executive Engagement Risk playbook - drive value and execute strategy when a customer Executive is disengaged with the product
  • Drop in Usage playbook - provide aid and training when a customer's usage drops
  • Habits Risk: Stalled (Yellow) Adoption playbook - improve a neutral trend in customer adoption or habits
  • Data Risk playbook - mitigate risk and determine path forward when a customer faces a data risk issue
  • Training/Adoption Opportunity playbook - discover and execute an opportunity for customer training and/or increased adoption
  • Move to Adopting playbook - transition a customer from Launched stage to Adopting stage where they are fully self-sufficient
  • Support Risk: High Priority Issue playbook - manage a customer's support risk when it's a high priority or urgent issue
  • Support Risk: Volume/Duration Issue playbook - manage a customer's support risk when it's an issue volume or duration issue
  • Logo Permission template - ask permission from a customer to user their logo in customer-facing content
  • Survey Reminder template - remind customer that they haven't yet responded to a released survey
  • Notify Management of New Flagged Risk >100k ARR template - automated notification for Management of new high priority flagged risk
  • Notify Management of Upcoming EBR template - automated notification for Management of upcoming EBR 
  • Pre-Event Program Connectivity template - connect customers before an upcoming Event regarding programs they'll be involved in
  • Outage Report template - provide customers with a report and explanation for any experienced downtime
  • Monthly Uptime Report template - send customers reports on overall downtime experienced on a monthly basis
  • Executive Sponsor Survey Announcement template - have a survey invitation/announcement come from the customer's Executive Sponsor
Assets to be published next week:
  • Support Ticket Acknowledgement template
  • Schedule EBRs template
  • Sales-to-Service Handoff playbook
  • Product Risk playbook
  • Special Event playbook
  • Feedback on New Beta Feature survey

2 replies

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There's also a new folder structure that aligns with our V3D framework:

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You can also view a complete list of Vault assets here.