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  • 11 April 2016
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Hi Community - here's [i]What's New in Vault!
  • New Assets Nominated: 
  • Gainsight Community -- what awesome ideas for playbooks, surveys, and email templates do you have?
  • New Assets Published: 13 surveys, 11 playbooks published in the last 2 weeks[list]
  • Company Internal Re-organization playbook - determine how to drive value when a company goes through an internal re-organization
  • Closed Round of Funding playbook - congratulate and explore opportunities when a customer closes a round of funding
  • Sponsor Moving to New Company playbook - follow-up appropriately when a Sponsor moves to a new company
  • Advocacy Follow-Up playbook - follow-up and initiate feedback when a customer completes an advocacy event
  • Expansion Support playbook - support a customer through an expanded rollout of your product
  • Financial Risk playbook - determine where to invest efforts when customer is indicating signs of financial difficulty
  • Will Churn playbook - take the appropriate steps after a customer confirms that they will churn
  • Initial End User Training playbook - guide customers through the training of their End Users 
  • Monthly Check-in playbook - plan and deliver monthly check-ins with your customers
  • Company Risk: Loss of Admin playbook - bridge the gap after the loss of an Admin
  • Sentiment Opportunity: Neutral Survey Rating playbook - respond to receiving neutral, "passive" NPS survey rating
  • 360 Feedback survey - gather internal feedback from employees on any colleague for whom they would like to provide feedback
  • Manager Feedback survey - gather internal feedback on managers from the employees that they manage
  • Sales Process Assessment survey - understand how Pre-Sales expectations were met in the Post-Sales execution process
  • Customer Service Feedback survey - gather feedback on customer satisfaction with customer service experience
  • Leaving Sponsor survey - understand how to follow up appropriately when a Sponsor is leaving his/her current company
  • Customer Advocacy survey - determine which customer contacts are willing to partake in advocacy
  • Advocacy Feedback survey - gather feedback from customer contacts who have been through your advocacy program
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey B - an alternative way to evaluate overall customer satisfaction with your company
  • Workflow Enhancement survey - understand improvements for how your product can make customers' workflow more effective
  • Pre-Demo survey - understand the use case for your prospects and thereby provide a more tailored demo
  • Post-Launch survey - gather customers' initial feedback soon after they launch your platform
  • Internal Product Marketing survey - assess the effectiveness of your product marketing content
  • Internal Sales Training Assessment survey - assess the effectiveness of your internal sales training program 
  • Assets to be published next week: [list]
  • Red Executive Engagement playbook
  • Drop in Usage playbook
  • Data Risk playbook
  • Yellow Habits playbook
  • Training/Adoption Opportunity playbook
  • Logo Permission CoPilot template
  • Survey Reminder CoPilot template
  • Pre-event Connectivity CoPilot template
  • Notify Management of New Flagged Risk >100k ARR CoPilot template

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