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  • 28 March 2016
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Hi Community - here's [i]What's New in Vault!  

  • New Assets Nominated: 
  • Gainsight Community -- what awesome ideas for playbooks, surveys, and email templates do you have?
  • New Assets Published: 3 surveys, 2 playbooks, 8 CoPilot templates published in the past few weeks
  • Readiness Survey - determine prospects' organizational and data readiness for onboarding
  • Product Feedback Survey - gather feedback on customer satisfaction/desired product enhancements
  • CEO Feedback Survey - gather feedback on the overall performance and areas of improvement for the company's CEO
  • Executive Re-Sell Playbook - connect a new Company Executive with their internal Executive Sponsor to re-sell the company/product value
  • Product Overage Playbook - manage potential customer license/capacity overage, including engaging in Upsell conversation
  • Executive Re-Sell Template - sent from Exec. Sponsor, re-sell the company/product value to a new Company Executive
  • Product Overage Template - inform a customer when they are at X% (e.g. 95%) of their licenses and therefore may want to engage in Upsell conversation
  • Campaign Ending Soon Template - update a customer when their campaign with your product is nearing its end
  • (Internal) 'New in Gainsight' Template - inform your CS team what's new in their Gainsight instance
  • (internal) Gainsight Feature Overview: Report Builder - explain how to use Gainsight's Report Builder with a series of descriptions and pictures
  • Webinar Recording (Format) Template - Format-only template showing how you can use CoPilot to send out embedded videos, links, etc.
  • Meet Your Team (Format) Template - Format-only template showing how you can use CoPilot to embed pictures (e.g. of your team) with links
  • Send Health Scores (Format & Directions) Template - Format/directions template showing how you can use Rules Engine and CoPilot to send your customers their health scores on a cadence basis
      • Assets to be published next week:  
        • Closed Round of Funding Playbook
        • Sponsor Moving to a New Company Playbook
        • Reference Follow-up Playbook
        • Expansion Support and Customer Internal Re-org Playbooks
        • Financial Risk Playbook
        • Manager Feedback Survey
        • 360 Feedback Survey
        • Reference Feedback Survey
        • Leaving Sponsor Survey
        • Customer Service Feedback Survey
        • Sales Process Feedback Survey

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