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  • 22 November 2022
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Hello! Random curious question here. Is there a way to select the way we want the color of the UI to appear? The new update in NXT removed the dark blue features (for example the ‘Search for Companies and Relationships’ bar or the Rule Engine bar) to now appear more minimalistic but it’s quite hard to see/navigate with the new pale color. Is there a settings feature to be able to change it back to how it once was or select the theme we want?

previous color theme - blue
new color theme - grey scale


5 replies

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Interesting point @abriah9208 - let me reach this discussion to our design team.


Hi @anirbandutta Awesome, thank you so much - that’d would be awesome!


Hi @abriah9208 

Rishikesh here, from the Product Design team at Gainsight. Currently we don’t have any functionality planned for the users to select their preferred UI theme. The new theme is built in such a way that it aligns to our Horizon Design System.

However, I wanted to understand if only the visibility of the ‘Search for Companies and Relationships’ bar is the reason for you preferring the old UI theme (one with dark blue header) or is there something else too? We can work on further enhancing the search bar visibility.
For the rules engine secondary header, we are actively working on the revamped version which will take care of the readability & visibility concerns. 



Hi @rishikesh.khumkar 

Thank you so much for the speedy response. The dark features were greatly appreciated on all features such as buttons, banners, headers, the search bar etc. Although I know the new looks appear to give it a more modern look, it’s just a bit too plain for a pool of people who have voiced this concern. 

I appreciate you all being able to consider this and look into possibly offering this as an option for us.



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The Dark mode is definitely a direction we are looking at… you may Upvote this idea