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I used Mass Edit to mass delete  records and/or Mass Reassign ownership for CTA or SP records, but I would like if the mass edit 'Action'  has more options like  'Mass Status Change'.  I was tasked to change all SPs created in years 21/22 to be closed, but Mass Edit couldn't help. Any idea?

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@Anil Raj Pujari would you be able to help here?

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Mass Edit is a nice feature, though I find myself often wishing that CTAs and Success Plans were update-able in the same manor as any other Gainsight MDA object.  There’s tremendous power in the Rules Engine that is seemingly roped off from CTAs and Success Plans. Mass Edit sometimes grays out actions, and I don’t know why. Updating via API is a fairly advanced skillset.

I sometimes figure it’s going to be faster to manually update items like this one-by-one using the front-end UI, even though that’s totally inefficient and also prone to user error.